Garant, as a specialist credit and political risk insurer, provides bespoke insurance solutions to fit your needs in growing markets.

Expand trade internationally and enhance your global presence

Our insurance policies will enable you to expand sales and offer more competitive terms knowing that your exposure is protected. With insurance, you can invest overseas in peace of mind.

Protect your balance sheet and corporate earnings

Our insurance policies will enable you to keep your financial position protected against unforeseen and potential large losses incurred as a result of sudden changes in international market conditions or unexpected, discriminatory or arbitrary acts by foreign governments.

Leverage your borrowing capacity and increase working capital

Our insurance policies will enable you to reduce your bad-debt reserves. Knowing that you are covered against unpredictable losses, your financial partners will lend you the funds you need to expand at more favorable financing terms. Your bank can be the insured, co-insured or loss payee under our policies.

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